Monday, February 28, 2011

Live-Blogging Charlie Sheen's LIVE Interview With Piers Morgan

Charlie Sheen

Unexpectedly, Charlie Sheen showed up on Piers Morgan LIVE tonight.

You can watch video clips from the interview here.

Below is our liveblog of the show.


Piers wonders what the problem is, considering how good the ratings have been.

Sheen: "I can understand why they had to intervene when they did."

He did miss a couple days of practice, but never any "money days."

When Piers suggests he's a smart businessman, Charlie suggests he hasn't saved any.

Sheen doesn't know of any advertisers who pulled the plug, but that if there were any, that'd be a legitimate reason for him to change his behavior.

Before his suspension, he had a meeting with Les Moonves at his house in which he was urged to switch gears.

On the air Sheen is calling on Les Moonves or Chuck Lorre to give him a call.

Piers asks Sheen if he's on any drugs, and Sheen shows him a clean drug test.

9:22: This is Glynnis now. 

Piers says Charlie sounds "alarmingly normal" and he definitely sounds MORE normal than he did this morning on Today.

Charlie says he's a happy guy.  Suffice to say, based solely on his appearance he doesn't look so happy.

A number of media folk on Twitter are reacting strongly right now to the idea that Piers think Charlie seems normal or not addicted.  David Folkenflik (NPR): Sorry, @piersmorgan, the idea that Sheen doesn't sound crazy or addicted is either pandering or itself untethered.

James Poniewozik (TIME): TMZ kissed up but gave Sheen enough rope. So far Piers is just kissing up & letting him do damage control.

Charlie remarking that it's okay for him to be a drinker and womanizer on the show but not in real life (except not sure this is true).

Katie Rosman (WSJ): This is Network. [Charlie Sheen is Howard Sheen]

Charlie now talking about 'the goddesses.'  He has two's the wedge.  'Formation that controls the guy carrying the ball.' 

Piers says he's a family guy and aware people out there want him to be tougher. 

Charlie says he doesn't do pills.  He used to take cocaine.  USED TO. 

Piers asks about how Charlie's kids deal with the negative attention.  Charlie says he has never had drugs in the house around his kids 'that's just common sense and courtesy.'  Indeed.

Charlie: I feel more alive now.  More focused.  More intense.  (Because he is 'sober')

Sean Penn was over the other night.  He met the goddesses.  Also, Mel Gibson called to voice his support (unclear how this bolsters Charlie's side of things considering both treatment of women and Jewish ref).

Okay. The media people on my twitter feed are starting to depart (or at least make noises about departing).  Lots of talk about Charlie's mania.

Is it hard being the highest paid star in American television?  Charlie: I'm sure that's one of the elements...but that's not it entirely.

Ok.  Piers FINALLY asks Charlie about girlfriend abuse.  Charlie says he's 'never hit a woman...woman are to be hugged.'

Now asking about Sheen's PR guy who quit today.  Charlie:  'What's to control, enjoy the ride!...we're winning, look at the progress I've made in the last few days.'

About father Martin Sheen:  Relax!  I think people think I am worse off than I am...I'm here to win across the board.

Piers: "You keep using that word [winning]. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Ah ha!  And cut to the Dr. Drew clip from the other night.  Charlie: "Come on man, that;s ridiculous.  To have a prognosis about a man you haven't been in the same room with."  Good point!

Charlie Sheen, who has done non stop interviews all day, thinks it's bizarre he's the center of media attention compared to Libya.   "Bizarre nature of the business I'm in."

Sheen: "Chuck Lorre calls me by my real name Carlos Esteves a lot.  I saw [his Jewish name] in a vanity card, used it, and all of the sudden the world is burning around me."

Sheen hasn't spoken to cast members.  'Don't feel like there's a lot of one has issued a statement.  But that's how a movement starts sometimes...with one man."

Piers: "You are like the Che Guevera of Hollywood at the moment.  Ooof.  And: I kind of feel like TV needs you.  Oof again.

And that's that. 


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A Look at Three E-Mail Newsletter Tools

If you're just starting with e-newsletters or need a change, here's a rundown of some options.


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Derayah: Bad ad

Derayah: Bad ad

Advertising for financial institutes in the Middle East - such as banks and brokerage firms - uses BIG words and BIG images that together make little sense, and leave the average Mohamed baffled.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting Out Middleman to Sell Small Ads Online

Online publishers like CBS and Forbes are selling the tiny ads on their Web sites, rather than letting a third-party network promote teeth whitening and herbal remedies.


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Tweet Tank Tool: Automate Your Tweets To Increase Your Followers

Tweet Tank can automate your tweets on Twitter with less demand on your effort and time to update your daily tweets to generate more traffic on your website


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BioLink: Wet Floor

To promote the main features of the shampoo Biolink VCO, which are smooth and intense hydration effects, this creative ambient was made. A sticker was placed on the floor and surrounded by signs that indicated that the floor was wet. Advertising Agency:�BBDO, Philippines


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How to Advertise Your Business for Free with Good Media Publicity

The best, most effective advertising for a small business is free publicity - and newspapers, local radio and even TV offer openings for free advertising.


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Welt Kompakt: Missile Attack

Welt Kompakt: Missile Attack

Northkorea has poked Southkorea.

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Media Decoder: CNN Reformats 'Parker Spitzer' Without Kathleen Parker

CNN is reformatting "Parker Spitzer" as an ensemble program with Eliot Spitzer - and without Kathleen Parker, who has been his co-host for the last four months.


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Jung von Matt: Anatomy of a great idea

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Stockholm, Sweden Creatives: Daniel Forero, Leon Phang


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nehru Zoological Park: Lion, Tiger, Bear

“Drive-through safari at Nehru Zoological Park.” Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India National Creative Directors: Abhijit Avasthi, Rajiv Rao Executive Creative Director: Sumanto Chattopadhyay Senior Creative Directors: Heeral Akhaury, Sukesh Kumar Nayak Art Directors: Heeral Akhaury, Purwa Sali Copywriter: Sukesh Kumar Nayak Photographer: Photolibrary Retoucher: Imagerom Account Directors: Avni Pujara, Punya Pally


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Queen of the Mommy Bloggers

Leta (airborne), Heather and Marlo and Jon, the staff and inspiration of all the self-exposing bloggers striving to be heard, Heather Armstrong has emerged as the master of the art and commerce of the overshare.


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Webber Wentzel Attorneys: Fencer

Advertising Agency: Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg, South Africa Executive Creative Director: Rob McLennan Creative Director: Jenny Glover, Brent Singer Copywriter: Jeff Tyser Art Director: Donovan Goliath Illustrator: Jana Koos


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Best social advertising of 2010

Also this year I've been invited by Marc at Osocio to vote for the best social advertising campaign of 2010. The winner has been announced last night, and with no surprise it's "Embrace Life - always wear your seatbelt" a...


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Advertising: Campaigns Begin as the First Stiletto Hits the Red Carpet

Advertisers? goal for the Oscars is to fuel conversations and build buzz among consumers before, during and after each utterance of ?And the winner is.?


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Webdenda: Accounts and People of Note in the Ad Industry

Chris Adams and Margaret Keene, a creative team, are joining the Torrance, Calif., office of Saatchi & Saatchi, part of the Publicis Groupe, as executive creative directors.


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Five Tax Write-Offs You Might Not Know About

A slew of new breaks are now available on common expenses for some growing companies.


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Tune Into #TVnext on Friday

@HillHolliday is hosting a conference about the future of television tomorrow (Fri, Jan 28). Tune into our Ustream channel if you have a minute. The speaker line-up is pretty awesome: we are expecting people from NBC, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment, Boxee, GoogleTV, Hulu, Xfinity, FiOS, TiVo, Hulu and many other companies in the field.

I also have a couple of pieces of research going live at the event. One is an experiment about living without cable, and the other one is a survey of TV content availability across devices; they will be presented at the 12.30pm (EST) and 2.30pm panels respectively.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Virgin Media's sale of UKTV stake delayed by ad sales hitch

Talks with US broadcaster EW Scripps slow to crawl over issues including state of ad sales contract, held by Channel 4

A dispute over a critical advertising sales contract is understood to have contributed to a hold-up in the sale of Virgin Media's 50% stake in UKTV to US broadcaster EW Scripps.

Scripps has been the frontrunner in the drawn-out process to buy the UKTV stake since late last year, but two sources said that negotiations have slowed to a crawl over a number of issues including the state of the UKTV ad sales contract, which is held by Channel 4.

The complication has not derailed the deal but one insider said that Scripps executives were "no longer camped in a hotel in London" after the US broadcaster and newspaper group emerged as the preferred buyer in November.

Although UKTV is a pay broadcaster, advertising still makes up close to 50% of UKTV's total revenues so the disagreement has thrown uncertainty into the negotiations between Scripps and Virgin Media over the correct value to place on the stake. The other 50% of UK TV is owned by BBC Worldwide.

"Channel 4 were unable to monetise the contract as planned in the deal season and an argument has broken out over the exact interpretation of the contract as they want to share the pain with UKTV," said a source with knowledge of the situation.

Last July Channel 4 struck a deal with UKTV, owner of channels including Dave and Gold, to handle its TV and online ad sales for the next decade.

Channel 4's enlarged sales operation would therefore have greater leverage with advertisers, and UKTV would secure better revenues than it could achieve by bargaining alone.

Channel 4 had been battling to meet sales targets amid some initial "teething troubles" ? and the Hollyoaks broadcaster came under further pressure at the end of last year when some media agencies balked at signing up the annual TV sales deals at the rates it wanted.

However, Channel 4 insiders indicated that any problems had now been resolved and that the broadcaster had successfully completed all its annual negotiations for 2011 with ad sales agencies. Channel 4 also said it was on track to meet David Abraham's target of generating �1bn in sales revenue in 2011 for both Channel 4 and UKTV combined.

Neverthless, Channel 4 is underperforming the advertising market in the first quarter of 2011. Total TV advertising is expected to be ahead by about 6%, and while it is understood to have increased ad revenues, its performance is not up by as much. That would indicate Channel 4 has given up some market share.

The protracted negotiations over Virgin Media's UKTV stake have also tackled numerous issues thus far including video-on-demand rights for UKTV programmes and how to work within a joint-venture partnership with BBC Worldwide, which will retain editorial control of the channels. BBC Worldwide can effectively exercise control over who buys the stake.

One problem that Scripps is understood to have wrestled with is how to gain operational control of the UKTV business, a necessary requirement to be able to properly consolidate the business into its financials.

Scripps Networks focuses on lifestyle media and owns US TV brands including the Cooking Channel and the DIY Network. The company has been on a major expansion drive internationally, taking stakes in numerous channels.

"The deal is still inching along but there are definitely still problems," said one source with knowledge of the negotiations.

Last year, Scripps launched the Food Network in the UK and Europe, home to shows including Nigella Express and Great British Menu, in partnership with Chello Zone.

Virgin Media and UKTV declined to comment.

In a statement Channel 4 said: "Channel 4 and UKTV are both delighted with the performance of the 10 Year Adsales Contract agreed last year and integration has gone very smoothly. Day-to-day trading is going well and both parties are looking forward to a long and successful partnership."

? To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000.

? If you are writing a comment for publication, please mark clearly "for publication". © Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds


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Four Tips for Raising Your Google Rank

A rundown of need-to-know basics for improving search-engine results.


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Tweet Adder Review: A Social Media Marketing Tool

This Tweet Adder review provides comprehensive overview on how Tweet Adder can be a useful social media marketing tool to help in your online business.


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Talk to The Times: Answers to Readers? Questions About State?s Secrets

Editors and reporters answered questions from readers about The Times?s reports on the the leaked American diplomatic cables.


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STV sees TV revenues rise 16%

Scottish ITV licensee reports a strong set of results for 2010 due to a resurgent ad market

Scottish ITV licensee STV has reported a strong set of results for 2010 with TV revenues up 16% to �104.8m thanks to a resurgent ad market.

STV, which said that it expects the total TV ad market to remain strong in the first quarter up 10% year on year, reported revenue from its broadcasting division grew 16% to �90.3m.

While underlying results were "exceptionally strong" overall the company reported a fall in pre-tax profits from �6.1m to �3.9m. STV took a �7.2m hit from exceptional charges which included �3.5m in litigation costs in its ongoing battle with ITV, while non-cash items included a �2.7m writedown in film stock inventory value. Excluding exceptional items STV's pre-tax profit was �12.5m.

Total group revenue rose only slightly from �110m to �111.7m, although STV prefers to point to a 16% rise from �90m to �105 after stripping out the impact of the sale of the loss-making Pearl & Dean cinema ad business last May as a "discontinued" business.

Within total group revenue STV's content business was up 21% to �9.8m and digital revenues increased 50% year on year to �4.2m.

STV has forecast that the total UK TV advertising market will be up 18% this month, 3% in March for a total of 10% across the first quarter. STV's total airtime revenue is forecast to be up 6% for the first quarter with national advertising up 9% but regional advertising down 3%.

STV said the dramatically improved trading conditions would normally mean that the company would seek to re-instate a dividend this year but the board has decided that while the "intention is to resume dividend payments" this will only occur when the outcome of a raft of legal disputes with ITV is known.

The company has three legal actions pending against ITV, relating to opt-out programming, advertising and new media rights, which could amount to a �14.2m cash loss if all the cases went against the broadcaster.

Net debt rose slightly from �49m to �52m.

? To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000.

? If you are writing a comment for publication, please mark clearly "for publication". © Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds


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Media Decoder: Journalists Face Big Challenges in Libya

Brian Stelter reports on how journalists are facing big challenges getting into Libya, and getting the story out.


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Pizza&Love: Sausage

Pizza&Love: Sausage

Free Love
We make pizza not war

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Tom�s Oliva
Creative Directors: Jofre Biscarri, Carlos de Javier
Art directors: Iv�n Domingo, Jes�s Navas
Copywriter: Sergi Pros
Illustrator: Javier Verdugo
Account: Walter Gilardo

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Green Column: Coverage of Green Issues Becomes More Specialized

Journalists are a little less wide-eyed, and a little more picky; the cutting-edge coverage today focuses more on stories with an unusual angle.


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

MLB's At Bat 11 Launches, Shoots Up The App Store Charts (AAPL)

MLB At Bat for iPad

Major League Baseball's excellent "At Bat" app for iOS launched today, and it's quickly been shooting up the App Store sales charts.

The app will feature a free MLB.TV live streaming preview with 150 Spring Training games. After that, you must be a paid MLB.TV member to stream all the live games. (Some free "game of the day" streams may be available as in previous years.)

This year, At Bat also lets you pick your favorite team to act as your app homepage, a nice new feature.

The app is already successful.

The iPhone version is currently the no. 6 top paid app overall -- very impressive for a $15 app! -- and it is the no. 1 top-grossing iPhone app.

The iPad version (another $15 if you want both; that's how MLB gets you) is the no. 5 paid app overall, and is also the no. 1 top-grossing iPad app.

(Though a second ago, "The Daily" was the top grossing iPad app. It's now no. 2. Didn't everyone say that no one would buy "The Daily"?)

Either way, another hit for MLB.

Now the question is whether MLB.TV streaming will become available on the Apple TV this year.

You can already stream Netflix movies to Apple TV. And MLB has long been one of Apple's preferred partners, so it makes sense that they'd work together. This could either be done through a special software update from Apple, or if Apple creates an Apple TV App Store and MLB makes another version of At Bat. We'll see.

Click here to see the Apple TV apps we can't wait to use →

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